Breastfeeding Support Groups and Resources

Baptist Medical Center – South, 3rd Wed 6pm & 4th Wed 10am                (904) 271-6831

Baptist Medical Center – Riverside- 1st Wed 3pm                                               (904)202-2229

Baptist Medical Center– Refer to website         (904) 202-2229

Flagler Hospital – Wellness Center, 2nd Thursday                                               (904) 819-4061  

La Leche League of Florida

Memorial Hospital - 3rd Friday 10:30am & 3rd Tuesday 6:30pm               (904) 702-1538

NAS Jax – call for dates                                                                                                          (904) 250-6374

Orange Park Medical Center- 3rd Wed 6pm                                                            (904) 639-3515

St Vincent’s – Clay- 1st Thurs 10:30am                                     (904) 602-BABY

St Vincent’s – Riverside                                                                                                          (904) 308-6359

St Vincent’s – Southside-call for dates, Sunday’s 3pm                                       (904) 296-5212

UF Health – Towers, Acorn room, Every Wed 1pm                                             (904) 258-4523

WIC Duval County – 900 University Blvd,           (904) 253-2945

Breastfeeding Support and Resources

Mom2Mom Global is a worldwide network of breastfeeding support and advocacy for military families. Our purpose is to provide consistent, high-quality peer support through local chapters and liaisons at U.S. military installations, to increase access to accredited lactation professionals for all military families, and to provide a channel to raise awareness and solutions for the concerns of military breastfeeding families.

 Searchable as Mom2Mom Jacksonville on Facebook


Postpartum Emotional Adjustment Support Group-   (904)202-2229
for information call or register at

Northeast Florida Lactation Coalition

Interested in Public Health in Florida,a site dedicated to meeting the growing need for public health professionals by connecting students with opportunities to begin and advance their careers. With a predicted growth rate well above the national average and an established workforce, Florida is an excellent place for a new student to begin a career in public health.

Hospital Lactation Consultant Services
Baptist Medical Center - Beaches                                          (904) 874-6818

Baptist Medical Center - Downtown                                    (904) 202-2298

Baptist Medical Center - Nassau                                             (904) 321-3581

Baptist Medical Center - South                                                (904) 271-6831

Flagler Hospital                                                                                  (904) 819-4061

Memorial Hospital Jacksonville                                              (904) 702-1538

NAS JAX                                                                                                  (904) 250-6374    

Orange Park Medical Center                                                     (904) 639-3515

St. Vincent’s - Clay County                                                          (904) 602-BABY

St. Vincent’s - Riverside                                                                 (904) 308-6359

St. Vincent’s - Southside                                                                (904) 296-5212

UF Health Jacksonville                                                                   (904) 244-2690

WIC Offices

(Loaner pumps to participating WIC mom's meeting certain criteria, contact: Breastfeeding Coordinator)

Baker County WIC          (904)259-3233

Clay County WIC             (904)213-3285

Duval County WIC          (904)253-2361

Nassau County WIC       (904)875-6111

St. Johns County WIC    (904)209-3250 option 5

Education Resources

Marie Biancuzzo, RN MS CCL IBCLC,

For moms and professionals, Marie has a weekly podcast program, Born to be Breastfed  which is free. Podcasts can be found on the website, or on ITunes on demand.

Lactation Training

Private Practice Lactation Consultant Services

Kristin Gartner, BSN, RN, IBCLC                                                                 (904) 568-0581

Kathy Soler-Sala, IBCLC                                                                                    (904) 392-6179

Trezi A. Luty MS, RD, IBCLC, RLC  (203) 733-4845

Chrissy Bodin, IBCLC  (904)389-0484

 Jess Willis, IBCLC                         (904)323-1418

Amy Walker-Johnston, IBCLC             (904)321-9089

Sarah Rodarte, IBCLC, RN, BSN    (904)525-1514


Arlington / Southside 
Progressive Pediatrics          1539 Parental Home Road   (904) 338-0434
Baptist Infusion Therapy    Metro Park off Emerson        (904) 202-5260

Angel Kids Pediatrics    13241 Bartram Park Blvd. #209     (904) 674-2304

Mediquip Medical Supply       8th and 3rd Jacksonville Beach      (904) 246-0333
Angel Kids Pediatrics                 13770 Beach Blvd. Suite 6           (904) 242-4220

Kathy Soler-Sala               text or call                                            (904) 392-6179

Orange Park
Orange Park Medical Center   2001 Kingsley Ave              (904) 639-3515
  **Please call OPMC in advance for pump availability** 

St. Augustine
Ward Medical Services 2435 US 1 S. Lewis Pt. Plaza (904) 794-9600

  • Individual pumping kits are purchased separately from the pumps and work on different model type
  • Some have kits, encourage moms to obtain from hospitals (cost around $53 out of pocket)
  • Most rent Medela brand - Symphony or Lactina models
  • Cost averages $50.00 -$85.00 per month depending on model type
  • Most will require a deposit with rental